Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Tour of Melvaunt

Maerduin has posted a "Tour of Melvaunt" at the project blog for his upcoming module, Mysteries of the Moonsea. Maerduin is clearly an excellent artist, and it shows in these screenshots. I'm particularly excited about his use of scaling to produce the Temple of Lovitar in that first shot--very imposing. Furthermore, the design of his city also sounds excellent from the description, with a number of interesting-sounding locations. This module continues to be high on my list of modules to watch.


I finally revised my NWN2 OC review last night, and it looks to be just about ready to publish. We're just waiting on one last person to get his up in our guild preview forums, and then we'll be able to push our team set of reviews live on the Vault. ... Certainly it'll be a bit late in the game, but I think they'll be worth reading.

I'm also going to try to tear through the initial release of my little character creation module before I invest time in Tragedy in Tragidor. I think I can have a working version done by the end of this weekend, if not sooner. I'll then make it available as a beta through my google space and see if the FRWeave folks want to endorse it before pushing further. I'll post a link to it here as well.

But while it's out for evaluation, I'll use it to create my character for Tragidor and get going in that module. :) If the character creation module will be a FRWeave product, then I'll be able to incoporate something from Tragidor in the release on the Vault. :)


  1. Just a note on your leveler module plans: I think that they sound fantastic, and I'm sure that the mod will be widely used, also outside the FRW modules. Really looking forward to seeing and to using this resource. There'll be *at least* two of us, then.

    By the way, the OC reviews still seem timely to me. I, for one, am still only level 10... I need more hours in my days... (Or perhaps I should hang out less in the NWN related forums and blogs.) But from the NWVault poll I gather that I'm not alone.


  2. Well, thanks! I think it'll be a nice little utility. I've never quite been satisfied with these sorts of programs, as they usually don't do what I want them to do. This one should be a good step in that direction. Hopefully. :)

  3. Just to say that the module sounds good and useful--and a thanks for the attention and compliments!