Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Finally playing Tragidor

I was sick at home today. I pretty much slept all morning long, but I started to feel well enough to sit in front of a computer around 3pm today.

The first thing I did was add an exit door to my character creator. It works nicely, giving the player the option to export their character prior to exiting the module. It's a small little thing, but it's also the first piece of scripting that isn't directly from Lord Niah's module (instead, it's from my unfinished NWN1 module. And I probably ripped it from some other community module...possibly The Black Ring Pox?). Not that it's anything special, mind you, but I was happy to see that it worked correctly the first time I tried it--except that it originally launched the nwn2 credits movie, which is not escapable! So I went and made myself a cuppa tea while the credits played. I've since revised it such that no movie plays upon exiting the module.

So at this point, here are my plans for the character creator prior to its vault release:
* Add an NPC for any available FRWeave modules. Right now, that's Tragedy in Tragidor.
* Investigate doing persistent storage. If this is something I can add relatively easily based on scripts I can pirate from other modules, I'm going to do it. If not...ahh well.
* Add some minor magical items. I don't get a lot of enjoyment from inventing novel items, so if some of you want to throw out some ideas (especially in terms of creative item descriptions) for some very minor items (e.g. girdle of courage, +2 saves vs. fear), I'm all ears.
* Assorted small polish issues.

The most important thing is to get a Tragidor NPC in the module. So, to that end, once I finished the door, I re-started Phoenixus's module this afternoon. I had a lot of fun. From a narrative standpoint it outshines anything else that's available for nwn2 to date. I might try to sneak in some more time tonight, though I'm starting to zone out again and might just go to bed.

Edit: I was up in the middle of the night after sleeping all day and did a few other polishes--added an XP-based filter on the stores (the code is spaghetti, but it works), a new conversation node so it doesn't play back the same way every time, and revised text colors to improve readability.

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