Friday, January 26, 2007

FRWeave Character Creator - Beta Release

Work on the module went very quickly tonight, so it's with great pleasure that I am issuing the beta release of the Forgotten Realms Weave Character Creator. It is feature-complete--I just want to be sure folks are happy with it as it over at the Weave boards before I send it to the Vault.

New features added since Alpha:
* Sal the Bartender, who can give a new player the low-down on the place, sell drinks, and most importantly maintain a secondary, premium item store featuring custom items from FRWeave modules.
* Merina, an NPC from Tragedy in Tragidor, who will give the low-down on that module.
* A trash barrel, which is good for getting rid of miscellaneous 0 gp items after playing through a module.
* A strange crystal capable of transforming nodrop items into droppable items (thanks to caesarbear, who wrote the scripts and conversations I shamelessly pirated for this functionality in his module, Zorco's Keeps).

(Note, that there are a couple of items on the ground that I've used to test the crystal. I'll yank them in the final release.)


(sorry, I've deleted the download as it has been upload to the Vault)

I'll append part of the readme below, which describes the module's purpose for those that are new:

FRWeave Character Creator, v.0.4 Beta
by Berliad (
Updated: 1/25/07


This module is designed to help players create characters that are appropriate for Forgotten Realms Weave modules, though it should work well when leveling up for any module. It will level your characters and give them an appropriate amount of gold for their new level. It will also permit you to purchase a limited assortment of items to create a balanced character (emphasis on "balanced") that is ready to start a new module. Finally, it serves as a showcase for FRWeave modules, allowing users to meet NPC's from these modules, learn about the module offerings available, and purchase some of the custom items from these modules.


* Level up your character & receive an appropriate amount of gold for this new level.
* Equip your character with a limited array of supplies appropriate for your level. For low-level characters, these include silver & cold iron masterwork items.
* Meet with NPC's from FRWeave modules and learn about those modules (currently there is only one such NPC).
* Access the Bartender's Store, which contains (at a premium price) custom items from FRWeave modules.
* Sell off loot from previous modules, ditch unwanted items, and re-equip your character between adventures.
* Remove no-drop items from your inventory.


  1. Hey there Berliad,

    Unfortunately I'm unable to put any comments on a comment thread, but I can vouch for this utillity. It does indeed level up the character in a balanced fashion intended by the DMG for D&D.


  2. Berliad-

    Looks like I'll be trying this out later. Btw, I have some Realmsian drinks and custom Realms books I'd be willing to send your way, if you're interested. Let me know.


  3. Maerduin,

    I was just eyeing a prefab drink pack on the vault last night, but I'd be delighted to see yours--especially if they're more "Realmsian".

    Feel free to send the books as well--I'm not sure if I'll add them or not, but maybe a bookshelf wouldn't be such a bad idea. ... though it might turn the pub into more of a coffee shop. Not sure I can stomach that!! :D

    My e-mail is