Friday, January 26, 2007

FRWeave Character Creator Status Update

I've made good progress the past two nights on the character creator. The Tragidor NPC (Merina) is in, with dialog. I've also added a new character, Sal (bartender from Sunken Flagon in NWN2 OC), who will run the Artist's Refuge (the pub where the module is set), along with his dialog. Sal also operates the special store containing custom FRWeave items. Currently it only contains items from Tragidor, but items will be added as FRWeave modules come out in the coming months.

I'm planning to hold a brief 1-2 day beta period, with the goal of uploading the module to the vault Sunday evening. To do list between now and the beta release includes:
* Add animations to Sal's dialog.
* Figure out why the area behind the bar is still unwalkable. I may have to work with the walkmesh cutter trigger thingie, not sure.
* Add a trash barrel to the inn.
* Add, perhaps through an out-of-character prop, a no-drop flag remover so users can get no-drop items out of their inventories.

The latter is by far the one I'm most uncertain about, though in theory it should be a fairly easy thing to do. Zorco's Keeps by caesarbear has a script that does this, so I'm hoping it's a fairly straightforward thing to steal that script (with credit, of course!) and install it in the module. We'll see.

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