Wednesday, January 31, 2007

ENoa4's new blog

New blog added to the links.

ENoa4 just wrote me and let me know that he has launched a new rpg-related blog. In addition to having a fabulous banner, as well as some wonderful sketch art by his son, this blog will also chronicle work on his upcoming NWN2 module, Keep on the Borderlands. It will be a remake of a classic PnP generic D&D setting module of the same name. I found this review of the original PnP module via wikipedia, which gives some info about the module. Here's an excerpt:
The Keep and the wilderness sections perform their duties rather well, so let's go straight to the Caves of Chaos. The Caves do have their difficulties - where do all of these groups get their food? - but these questions can be explained with a little work (they're being supplied as the humanoid's own equivalent of the Keep, perhaps?) and are not as blatant as those which appear in many other modules. There are quite a number of humanoid tribes based in the caves, watching each other across a ravine. They're not fond of their neighbors, but they can't wipe them out - no group is significantly stronger than the others, and an all-out war with one would leave them so weak that the rest would pick them off easily. Into this situation stumble our adventurers...
Sounds like it could be interesting. :)