Sunday, January 7, 2007

Tragedy in Tragidor finished and available soon

Phoenixus announced today that he has begun the process of uploading Tragedy in Tragidor (nwn2 version) to the vault! Hopefully it will be up later today or tomorrow. I'd think that Maximus might give him a file spotlight as well.

This is the first large-scale module to be released for NWN2! I'm looking forward to playing it.

UPDATE: Tragidor is available for download on the vault! I'm downloading it as we speak. Looking forward to playing... :)


Free time has been sparse this week with the conference happening every day. All that socializing has meant that I've been more tired than usual at night, which has meant that I've gotten in very little play time this week. I have been pecking away at Mystery at Willowbow, and will hopefully finish it up tonight. I'll probably post some comments on his vault page, though I think I'll skip voting on that module, as the author has just given it a fairly major update--and hence my opinions on it are already out of date! Sarosa is already just shy of the 25 vote cutoff anyway, and I have no doubt he'll make it within a few days.

I'm also way overdue on revising my NWN2 OC review for QSW and the Vault Review Guild, for which I apologize. I will get it done this week.

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